Highest Standards of Service

Services We Offer


  • Electronic & Paper Claim Submission
  • Insurance Collection
  • Daily Claim Entry
  • Claim Correction & follow-up
  • Payment Posting / Adjustments
  • Patient e-Billing & Collection
  • Aggressive Denial Management
  • Online Data Access, Anytime, Anywhere
  • Physician Billing Consultation
  • Practice & Physician Set-up
  • Physicians Credentialing
  • Physician & Facility Contract Negotiation  
  • Accounts Receivable Management & Reporting
  • Standard & Customized Reports
  • Patient Statements
  • Patient Portal


How Long is the set-up process and the associated fees?

There is no specific associated set-up fees for our standard services. The set-up process begins as soon as our service contract is signed. Although some components of our services become readily available, the complete set-up process may take a few days depending on the complexity of your payer-mix and your practice in general.

How do I submit my medical billing documents to you?

Although there are number of methods available, the most efficient and convenient method is by uploading your documents via our secure practice management platform.

How difficult is the transition should we hire your services?

The transition from your current billing service to ours is typically much smoother than most providers anticipate. Our professional staff walk you through simple steps to make sure there is minimal or no cash-flow interruptions during this transition. 

How are my payments received and posted?

All payments are sent to you directly with the majority in the form of EFT (Electronic Fund Transfer) directly into your bank account. Paper checks are also mailed to you directly. In some cases such as out-of-network coverage, patients might receive the checks and must hand them to you. We have processes in place to help you monitor all payments and protect your practice.

How can I Monitor my financial performance?

Our state-of-the-art practice management platform offers a variety of features such as ERA monitoring as well as many useful standard/custom reports to meet your needs